Azure Migration, Management and Support

Achieve the full potential of your business by moving and consolidating all your onsite or hosted servers to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Are you using an onsite active directory? This can also be cloud-based too which aids remote working.

Our qualified experts in Azure cloud services can give you expected running costs, free trials and fully project managed solutions to meet your business requirements.

  • Increase Resources Easily
  • Fast connectivity
  • Easy DR rollback
  • Fast reliable Cloud 2 Cloud backups
  • Pay for only what you use

Ultra-secure solutions are restricted to known internet locations and seamless migrations.

Virtual Desktops

A virtual desktop that you can access from any location the same apps, settings and experience.

Virtual Servers

Cloud servers without the worry about hardware failure that you can increase the resources on in seconds to cope with increased workloads.

Web apps

Quickly and easily deploy Web apps to host your web-based applications without the worry of OS Updates and server patching

Development and Test Servers

Quickly spin up development and test servers and only pay for the resources they use whilst they are running.


Cloud-hosted SQL databases that are integrated with the Azure AD. Powerful and again easily expandable to meet the requirements of your business.

Start moving all your work loads to the Azure Cloud now