Corona Virus Scams are increasing at an alarming rate: Stay safe in these times of elevated risk

Email Phishing campaigns and malware delivered through email are nothing new, but when combined with the Global corona virus spread the risk is even higher adding additional risk to your business. How do you know that HMRC email is legitimate? How do you know that Business grant link came from a trusted source?

It is very common for Cyber Criminals and malware creators to capitalise on current issues. It is their job after all to encourage people to click on a link and open an email to either infect a computer with malware, or to harvest their credentials to use for criminal activity.

So, what can you do to help protect you and your business?

  1. Educate your staff and advise them not to just click on links in unknown emails – Especially if they’re not expecting the email in the first place or do not know the sender.
  2. Ensure that you are running premium grade anti-virus software and most importantly make sure that it is being updated!
  3. Run website protection and filtering – this is belt and braces to capture those times when a team member has a lapse in concentration and accidentally clicks on a malicious link
  4. Run a strong reputable email protection service that filters out spam and malware before it gets to your inbox
  5. Install the latest security patches on your computers, tablets and phones
  6. Make sure that you have backups of your data and have tested restoring these files for peace of mind

If you don’t have time to complete the above tasks and would like to focus on your core business, Bluezeon can manage all of this for you keeping you safe and delivering peace of mind.

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