Managed IT Services: Your IT done for you
Cyber security, Core Service Monitoring, Updates, Patching & More

Our Managed IT Services take the cost, effort and overheads out of your IT and technology management, because we handle it for you, day in, day out – enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

Proactive and preventive, our Managed Services constantly monitor your technology and IT and ensure it is working as it should.

We keep your business systems running smoothly, automatically update and secure them against vulnerabilities, breaches and cyber-attack, and deliver support expertise to identify and fix issues before they cause disruption to your business and your customers’ experience! And all this comes with no-commit, pay as you go (PAYG) or fixed, predictable monthly billing, and guaranteed, agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs). So why try to do it all yourself?

Our Managed Services menu: increase up-time, availability, productivity

Use our Managed Services singly or in any combination and you’ll be protecting your business against downtime, disruption and revenue loss – and freeing up resources to focus on core productivity.

Managed Security (Anti-Virus and Malware Protection)
We provide comprehensive, ongoing protection for your business against viruses, malware (including ransomware), phishing and social engineering attacks, and many other exploits that could harm your operations.

We work with the industry’s most respected cyber security vendors – including Bitdefender, Sophos, Vade Secure, Microsoft, Cisco, Ubiquiti – and whatever security solutions you’ve already invested in, or wish to.

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Core Service Monitoring
We build a constantly accurate picture of the state of all your IT services, understand which ones could be impacted by events or incidents, and rapidly identify the root causes of poor performance, interruption and outages that damage your business.

Whether it’s your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, payroll software, email, order processing engine or whatever else, we  remotely monitor its beating heart 24/7 and help restore it back to health whenever necessary.

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Software Patching and Updating
We combine constant monitoring and patch management with automated updates and antivirus definitions, to ensure the myriad software applications your business uses every day aren’t one day going to jeopardise it!

This is critical, as it is estimated that well over 80% of cyber-attacks originate in software that hasn’t been properly patched or updated.

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Why choose BlueZeon for your Managed Services?

  • Over 20 years’ experience in delivering IT support and managed services to large and small local businesses
  • Accredited partners include Sophos Silver Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner
  • Cyber Essentials-certified
  • No-commit (PAYG) or fixed monthly fee
  • Flexibility and scalability built in – the service grows with you
  • Professionally qualified, vendor-accredited engineers
  • 24/7 support
  • 24/7 emergency call out

If you want to run your business – not waste your time on IT housekeeping and firefighting – speak to us about our Managed Services today on 01908 711570