Office 365 Backup Protection

Are you confident that all your business data, email and photos are backed up and protected?

Did you know that Microsoft Office 365 does not get backed up automatically? Yes, it has a data retention period of 30 days, but what if something were deleted by mistake, corrupted, and not noticed during this period, that data would be gone forever.

Affordable Office 365 Backups are here! 

We are now able to offer a fully managed, low cost and reliable backup solution that protects your emails, photos and business files and allows easy recovery no matter what happens to your Microsoft Office Cloud data. 


Backup your emails and documents 4 times daily to a secure UK based data centre

Low per user, per month costs

FAST RECOVERY to keep business downtime to a minimum 

Automatically protects new mailboxes and data 

Don’t lose sleep worrying about data loss, protect your data simply and easily by contacting us today.