Are you considering outsourcing your IT?

Are you struggling to find an IT Support partner that really understands the technological needs of your Business? One that can deliver great service whilst also saving you money?

Some businesses think that it is more cost effective and beneficial to employ their own IT engineers onsite. But if you want true value for money you should consider outsourcing to reliable, experienced and professional engineers. Do the sums yourself and you will be surprised on just how much you could save on your annual IT Spend.

Reducing costs

Every business dreams of saving money, but without compromising on service. Outsourcing your IT can save you a significant amount of money, approximately 30%, whilst gaining access to more Technical experts in their field who are pre-trained and ready to go. It doesn’t need to be a dream.

Let’s do some calculations.

The average salary of a Technical Support Engineer in Buckinghamshire is around £27,500.

You will need at least one Technical Support engineer to support about 50 members of staff. This equates to £45.83 per user, per month. However, most Organisations have one IT staff member per 30 – 40 users which takes the costs per head even higher.

Hiring your own In-house IT personnel is not always the best business model for SMB’s.  Staff can be temporary, and should they leave your company you could be left with zero IT Support!

However, when you outsource your IT, you get access to a large pool of skilled and experienced engineers who cover holiday, sickness and absences to help keep you operational, day in, day out.

Access to Award winning Remote Monitoring & Management Software

Often the best Remote Monitoring & Management Software only becomes affordable when you purchase 250 licenses +. When you outsource your IT to a professional Managed IT Services Provider, they can leverage the spend of their huge customer base to gain access to this advanced Remote Monitoring & Management Software. This can then be used to maintain your business Infrastructure to improve up-time, reporting and to keep you and your data safe and secure.

  • Software Patching
  • Anti-virus Management
  • Data Compliance
  • Website Filtering
  • Email Protection       
  • Cloud Backups                       
  • Disaster Recovery    

Without effective Management and Monitoring software in place you have no idea about the health of your IT Infrastructure. These gaps in knowledge leave your business vulnerable.

Experience, Expertise and Skills

Outsourcing your IT guarantees that you get access to qualified and experienced engineers. You can have full confidence that your technical issue will be handled promptly and professionally.  It also means that your issue is likely to be resolved more quickly than expected. The experienced Engineers will come across these issues daily, so they will have had a LOT of practice! This experience alone can help reduce your downtime significantly.

Excellent Customer Service

When you pay for a service, you expect it to be AMAZING, right?

At Bluezeon we pride ourselves on delivering excellent Customer service and looking after our customers.

Professionally trained engineers who are ready to take your call, understand your issue and help you in the best way possible. When there is a high priority issue we will keep the end user informed of the process until the issue is resolved.

Please contact us today to discover how we can work together and become the ideal IT Company and business partner to support your business into the future.