Are you starting your own business and need guidance on what you need from an IT perspective?

We can help as we are specialist in this area and have helped other small businesses get up and running with the IT they need to succeed.

  • Do you need a domain name?
  • Do you need a professional looking email signature with your company logo?
  • Do you need Air-conditioning in your comms room and don’t know what unit to go for?
  • Do you need an Internet Connection and don’t know which one to choose?
  • Do you need some new servers to support your key business application or to run your website?
  • Do you need an All in one Printer Scanner and Fax Machine or Fax to Email?
  • Do you need anti-virus and anti-spam software?
  • Do you need an Internet Router configuring?
  • Do you need your network setup, new comms cabinet?
  • Do you need network ports wired up in your office?
  • What Wireless Access Point should I use to make sure my wireless does not cut out?

We will help you make the right choice and answer these questions and many more. We will create you a detailed plan with a breakdown on cost so you know exactly what you are spending your money on, and exactly what it will do for your business.

Call us now on (01908) 711570 or email us at and we will come and meet with you free of charge and show you exactly what we can do for you.